Multi-Generational Family Trips

At Alma, we specialize in the production of family and multi-generational trips that create memories for a lifetime. We put the emphasis on each guest's full enjoyment regardless of age, and we ensure that every guest gets the most out of our tailor-made trips.

We organize family trips for two, three and even four generations of family members in which each guest connects to Israel in a unique manner. Our trips are adjusted for the age groups of our guests, for their specific areas of interest and for the number of their previous visits. Every detail is taken into account; every part of your trip is designed to create the best possible experience.

Every hotel room booked with us is planned to fit your guests. Every activity is specially selected for you and all meals are created with your guests in mind. Allergies? Food sensibility? We know how to handle it all, accompanying your family from their first step in Israel until they are back home after a unique Israel experience.