Alma-Israel specializes in creating amazing experiences for delegations and groups. We work with Federations, organizations and shuls, with small size groups and larger ones, from all over the US and from around the world we are here for you, from the moment we first put pen to paper and start designing your experience.

We take care of all your logistical needs and provide solutions to your every need including hotel arrangements, culinary experiences for every taste, educational and experiential tours, quality speakers, meetings with the local population and anything else you might desire.

Alma is a full-service agent at your service from inception through the last memorable day of your Israel visit. We will handle registration for your group, planning, exceptional execution and even follow-up.

We will create for you the ultimate itinerary, rich in content, in history, in interactions with government and military speakers, fun activities and more.

While your group is in Israel, we will be at your service 24/7 with efficient, personal, timely and complete service.

Alma groups take home an unforgettable experience – and always come back for more.