''Thanks to George and to you Odelia for showing us Israel in''

Dear Odelia and George,

As I sit on the plane while looking at Maddy's incredible photo album for the 5th time and reflect on the past week, we can't believe the journey we just completed and the gift you both gave us and our entire family that will keep on giving for the rest of our lives based on the memories we now have that only were created because of the both of you.

We now truly understood what Israel is all about thanks to George and to you Odelia for showing us Israel in "first class" style, we learned not only what Israel is all about from a historical perspective but also what Jewish people in Israel currently deal with on a daily basis. While we are not overly religious, after this trip, I think we learned and now understand the significance and importance of what it means to be Jewish.

You both were able to show us Israel in the truest sense from a religious, political, social, cultural (including the food market and incredible restaurants) and historical view that none of us will ever forget.

To say that both of you are special people is an understatement. We now have 2 new/unexpected family members that will last until eternity and we can't wait to see you again very soon whether in the US or Israel.

We wish the both of you and your families all the best things that life has to offer including but certainly not limited to health, happiness, success and above all, PEACE.

With much love and tremendous gratitude.

Julie and Greg Moss