''The trip was an emotional and memorable experience for all of us''

Odelia and George, wish I were back in Israel.  Because of the two of you, the trip was amazing.  As I say, “death bed memory”.

In the summer of 2014 my family and I had our first trip to Israel.  George Horesh owner, served as our tour guide.  He was recommended by many travelers who hired him multiple times for their M​iddle ​E​ast tours. The trip was an emotional and memorable experience for all of us. I’m sure there are other educated and knowledgeable tour guides but no one like George, he is truly exceptional. George did not treat my family as tourist. As a matter of fact –he said to me, “Trey, if you  are going to be in the ​M​iddle ​E​ast, stop thinking like as a westerner”.  With George saying that to me, my experience was much different than it would have been.​ ​I felt like a native not as a tourist.  

George and Odelia are ​not only knowledgeable, they made our lives easy, making dinner reservations and picking up special things we requested.

I find myself quoting George all the time now that I am home and sharing the details of our trip with friends. I envy whoever is lucky enough to have George Horesh as a tour guide. Odelia and George went above and beyond our expectations.  We highly recommend Alma-Israel for Israel and Jordan experience.

​Odelia and George, ​Thank you both for an incredible life time experience. I miss you both.

Trey Lipman