Fran and Alan Robinson

Just returned from a fantastic Israeli journey, thanks to  Alma-Israel’s Odelia Elimelech and George Horesh, the best guide in Israel.
Everything was planned to perfection by Odelia with real input from our family. Each hotel on the itinerary was top of the line with every possible amenity and wonderful breakfast buffets.
George Horesh seems to be known with great affection  by everyone, everywhere— which played a big role in avoiding crowds and long lines. Having come to Israel only 3 days from being released from a hospital, we really appreciated George’s concern and strong right hand in getting me safely through crowds and steep terrain. He is a gifted historian who made each stop an education in itself, including the best places in the markets, out of the way falafel joints and restaurants (a meal with a Druze family was the best ever!).
This was no cookie cutter tour (and we’ve been on many). Odelia and George were at their most professional, accommodating and flexible best when a last minute change was requested. Nothing phases them. Even the daunting entry and return through Ben Gurion Airport was a breeze thanks to the  professional assistance provided.

We will always remember with love and appreciation our Israeli friends at Alma.
Thank you so much, George and Odelia. Shalom.